1º Nivel Básico

Irregular verbs

Try these exercises: 1, 2, 3, and more.

And now, practise a little, it’s so easy to learn them with this cat!

Now, we just have to practice. Have a nice learning!

Christmas Homework

– Listening

Elementary Podcasts

Podcasts in English

– Reading

– Grammar

– Speaking

Meet Rosette – Rosette is a robot! But you can still practise your English by chatting to her. Have a try!

Monday 3rd of October, 2011

Apart from lots of other things, today we are going to practise some vowel sounds. There are different online resources that we can use, but I have chosen an old and good method, “Ship or Sheep”.

Let’s practice the most common vowel pairs:

/i/ vs. /i:/

/i/ vs. /e/

/e/ vs. /ae/

… and so on. Just click on the “Next page” link at the bottom of each of the pages.

Remember, Practice makes perfect.

Have a lovely day!

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