Today’s lesson

by teachy

How are you doing? Today I’d like to practise some listening exercises with you, so, let’s have a look at a couple of useful websites with exercises that I’ve found online.

Listen & Repeat exercises


And, as a warm-up for next week’s Christmas party, let’s sing a Christmas song:

Put the lights on the tree
(Put them on the tree)
Put the ribbon on the wreath
(Put it on the wreath)
Call your grandma on the phone
(Call her on the phone)

If she’s living all alone
(If she’s all alone)

Tell her Jesus Christ is here
(Tell her He is here)

Tell her she has none to fear
(There is none to fear)

If she’s crying on the phone
(Crying on the phone)

Tell her you are coming home
(You are coming home)

La la la la la la la


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